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Social groups of lions, called prides, are composed of one to three males, two to fifteen females, and their offspring. Sometimes young males form their own satellite group. The males protect the territory and get to eat first; the lionesses do most of the hunting. They generally stalk and chase their prey, killing with a bite to the neck although they can also kill with a single back-breaking swat of the paw. Lions usually hunt at night and spend almost twenty hours a day sleeping or lounging with their playful cubs.
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Location: Big Cats
Blue Wildebeest / Brindled Gnu (Connochaetes taurinus)
Adult blue wildebeest vary in color, from deep slate or bluish gray, through light gray to brown-gray. The main coat is slightly lighter in color than the underparts. Dark brown vertical bands mark the neck and forequarters, and from a distance may seem to be wrinkles in the skin. Young are born tawny brown, and begin to take on their adult coloration at 2 months of age. Both sexes possess horns. Extending outward to the side and then curving up and slightly inward, the horns may grow 1 to 1.3 feet (30 to 40 cm) in females and 2.7 feet (83 cm) in males. They are slightly broadened at th...
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