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High-Tech Bugs

High-Tech Bugs
Bugs are and will continue to play a big role in the development of future human technology: Looking for a great new air-conditioning system that doesn't require power to run? Some African termite species build huge mounds of clay and dirt especially for that purpose. Their invention is millions of years old and has stood the test of time.

Spider silk is a thousand times stronger than steel of the same width a new engineering compound to research? The very best thing about it: it's biodegradable.

And what about new smoke alarm technology, gleaned from the finely tuned antennae of "jewel beetles" in tropical forests? These beetles can detect forest fire smoke 50 miles away and can immediately tell whether certain larval host trees are involved in the fire. This technology helps the beetle to detect good breeding sites for its offspring. Can you imagine having a smoke detector in your house that can tell the difference between the smoke generated by frying bacon and the smoke from a real house fire?!


The most important thing is to observe bugs carefully, because we will be to find a lot of answers to some of our current technological and medical problems in the wonderful world of insects and spiders.
As soon as one species goes extinct we start to lose, that is, we lose our ability to regenerate this fragile earth. Or, more importantly, we lose the ability to leave our planet in the best possible condition for our kids and grandkids. After all, we did not inherit this planet from our parents...we borrowed it from our kids!

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