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Two-headed turtle found in Cuba

Two-headed turtle found in Cuba
A policeman has made an unusual discovery near a river in Cuba - a turtle with two heads. The tiny turtle is thought to be around a week old and was found near one of the country's most contaminated rivers. Had it not been noticed in a pile of leaves by Officer Alexander Napoles the turtle may have died, but now it has been taken to a local aquarium. At the moment it is healthy and being looked after, and experts are keeping a close eye on its progress. Alexis Fernandez, a biologist from the National Aquarium of Cuba, said: "It is an animal that is at a disadvantage or that has certain anomalies. "The probability of its survival will be very limited in the natural world or in captivity." A baby two-headed turtle was found in Havana, Cuba on a river bank in the city forest. According to scientists of the local aquarium who inspected the animal, the turtle appears to be in good health. In the wild, two-headed animals are not likely to live long. Having two heads impairs decision-making and reduces mobility, making it difficult to escape predators. Further, two heads may make it difficult

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