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Spiders can send a chill down a person's back; oh yes, arachnophobia can be a rotten affliction and there's no need to feel ashamed about being arachnophobic in the true sense of the medical word. But the problem that the Bugman faces is that spiders should be viewed with a great deal of respect and awe, simply because they are amazing creatures and thereâs much more to them than we see at first sight of those eight-legged, hairy predators.

Spiders are predators. They catch all sorts of insects and bugs that may be a nuisance to us. For example, the daddy longlegs catch flies, mosquitoes and other critters inside our house. The effect spiders have on the environment is one of balance. They keep other bug populations in check and play the part of control agents.

To make a numerical example of the impact of spiders I need to quote some research carried out in England, some time ago. There it was calculated that all the spiders in England annually capture and eat a quantity of insects equivalent to the total weight of the human population in that country! Imagine it: 70 million people's worth of insect meat, eaten by spiders, each year!

By now you probably realize that the Bugman's "favorite" bug is any small creature that has a brilliant story attached to its life. The funny thing is that even the "real bad" characters have a role to play on this globe of ours.

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