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Hairless Joe Chicken

Hairless Joe Chicken
An Israeli geneticist, Avigdor Cahaner of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, created a bare-skinned "prototype" red-skinned chicken by selectively crossing a breed with a naturally bare neck with a regular broiler chicken. Broiler chickens have been bred to gain weight rapidly but in the process generate a lot of heat. Farmed chickens are kept at about 20C - the optimum temperature for weight gain.

In warm countries, expensive air conditioning is necessary to keep to this temperature - this cannot be afforded by poorer farmers, Cahaner says.  Benefits of not having feathers: nutrients wouldn't go into producing feathers and no feathers to get rid of at the end.
"Feathers are a waste.  Chickens use feed to produce something that has to be dumped and farmers waste electricity to overcome the fact," Canaher said.  Plucking also requires large amounts of water.


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Source: 2 May 2002

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