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Herds of ten to forty gemsbock are not uncommon and groups of up to a hundred have been recorded. These animals are frequently found in association with other species of gazelles and sometimes zebras, foraging for grasses and leaves. Gemsbock can go many days without water, but in the more arid parts of their range, they sometimes dig a trough in a dried-out river bed to reach the water table below and quench their thirst. The males are often found alone and may be quite aggressive. When they fight, they lower their heads and fence, their long horns pointing straight out. These "...
Gemsbok (Oryx gazella)
Order: Artiodactyla, Family: Bovidae
The gemsbok is the largest of the oryx, or long-horned antelopes. Gemsbok have dramatic facial masks with halter-like markings paired with white patches. Black striping extends along the sides near the underbelly. A short mane runs from the head to the shoulders. They range in color from buffy tan to brown. Males have a tuft of black hairs on the throat. Horns, which can grow to 58.5 inches long, extend straight back from the head. The lower half are ringed. The female's horns tend to be more slender and longer than the male's.
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