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Islenzki hesturinn, Icelandic toelter horse, Iceland Tolter
The Icelandic horse is descended from horses brought to Iceland by settlers over eleven centuries ago. Comparison between the Icelandic horse, at the time of the settlement of Iceland, and ancient Norwegian and German horses show them to have similar bone structure. Some consider it likely that there was a separate species of horse, Ecuus scandianavicus, found in these areas. These horses were later crossed with other European breeds, except in Iceland where it remained relatively pure. Some have said that the Icelandic horse is related to the Shetland but the Icelandic has a genotype which is...
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Location: Horses & Ponies
Eland (Taurotragus oryx)
Order: Artiodactya, Family: Bovidae
Elands weigh from 660 to 2,200 pounds, with males much larger than females. Their hides are a uniform fawn color with some vertical white striping on the upper parts. A dewlap, thought to be an adaptation for heat dissipation, hangs from the throat and neck. Elands have heavy, corkscrew-shaped horns that grow up to 4 feet long on males and 2.2 feet long on females. Both sexes have short manes on their napes, and males have long hairs on the throats.