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Predators and Parasites
Predators and parasites are those bugs that eat other bugs. Why are they important? It has to do with the way we grow our food crops and timber species in the most sustainable way. You see, all creatures on our planet belong to a web of life, or ecological system. We are all familiar with the following simple relationship: antelopes eat grass and lions eat the antelopes. In other words, there's always an animal that eats another animal.
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High-Tech Bugs
Bugs are and will continue to play a big role in the development of future human technology: Looking for a great new air-conditioning system that doesn't require power to run? Some African termite species build huge mounds of clay and dirt especially for that purpose. Their invention is millions of years old and has stood the test of time.
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Pantry Bugs
Pantry insects are those creatures that you find in the cupboard where you store your food. Moths, beetles, weevils...everybody seems to live inside your pantry, and some of the stored foods look really awful as a result of their activity. Bugs have been living with us ever since we started to practice the art of keeping food items in a "safe place" for later consumption. It especially became a great habit when we got into agriculture and horticulture, producing far more than we can consume in the near future.
Maggots have been put on this planet to recycle waste material. These babies of houseflies tunnel through organic waste and slimy rubbish 24/7 and break it down to much smaller bits that are perfect fodder for smaller bugs and bacteria.

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