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Boa Constrictor
Order: Squamata, Family: Boidae
The boa constrictor is cream-colored to brownish on top. A series of markings become wider toward its tail with color intensifying to deep red-brown edged with black and cream. It has an irregular rhombic pattern on its flank. The boa averages 6 to 12 feet in length, and weighs 30 to 40 pounds.
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Order: Squamata, Family: Boidae
Anacondas may grow to more than 29 feet, weigh 550 pounds or more, and measure more than 12 inches in diameter. The female typically outweighs the male. The anaconda has a large head and thick neck; its eyes and nostrils are positioned on top of its head. It is extremely muscular.
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Amazon Tree Boa (Corallus enydris)
Order: Squamata, Family: Boidae
The Amazon Tree Boa is one of the most geographically widespread and frequently encountered species of neotropical snakes. The boas' range stretches from southwestern Costa Rica, Panama, and northern South America, through most of Venezuela and Guyana, and south and westward through Amazonian Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and Brazil. This species was introduced to small islets off the Atlantic and Pacific shores of Panama, Trinidad and Tobaga, and Grenada.
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